[J-core] Adding d/i cache to microboard?

Osamu Nishii onishii at se-instruments.com
Mon Oct 24 00:25:51 EDT 2016


I found that "Makefile is not generated by soc_gen";
  (they are manually written files)

[boards] $ fgrep lpddr microboard/Makefile

microboard/Makefile:        DDR_TYPE=lpddr \

This controls boot/dev/ddr.c behavior.
When replace ddr controller to new one,
DDR_TYPE should be lpddr2 (instead of lpddr).
(note: here, lpddr lpddr2 does not link to memory device, but
   ddr controller.  lpddr2 is for new ddr ctrl (components/ddr2);

When CL=2/3 does not match, OS will not boot.
I have not synthesized microboard with this modification.
Just as a comparison, lpddr2 is better.

Osamu Nishii

On 2016/10/24 11:02, Rich Felker wrote:
> As an exercise to learn a bit about soc_gen and stuff, I tried
> enabling d/i cache for the old microboard target. Just adding the
> cache_ctrl and changing:
> -                "ddr_ram_mux" {:architecture "one_cpu_direct"}
> +                "ddr_ram_mux" {:configuration "ddr_ram_mux_one_cpu_idcache_fpga"}
> produced errors at soc_gen time, so I tried switching to the new ddr
> controller too, with the attached patch copied from similar changes to
> mimas_v2, but the board just reboots as soon as the bootloader jumps
> from sram to the loaded vmlinux. Any idea what I did wrong?
> Rich
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