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you may want to check things that happened recently on ULX3S that has ESP32


I think they are almost there to get SaxonSOC linux that goes online thru
EXP32 using PPP


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> While this is on my mind...
> How many UARTs are available on TurtleBoard? I don't actually plan to use
> the Ethernet on my TurtleBoard. Instead, I plan use PPP to connect it to
> the
> Internet (it'll connect a UART to a wifi-enabled board's secondary UART).
> If
> there is only room for one UART plus Ethernet, is it possible to
> accommodate
> my requirement and replace Ethernet with a second UART in the bitstream?
> The (Net)BSD getty is smart enough to multiplex pppd and login when only a
> single UART is available, but I don't believe any Linux getty
> implementations have this feature...
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> Turtle boards have arrived in Canada and Jeff is taking a few to Japan
> with
> him.
> I believe he's attending Tron Show and should have at least one with him.
> We
> still plan to get them up on crowdsupply early in the new year, but haven't
> finished all the bitstream bits to support framebuffer and audio and such
> yet.
> (We also switched from lx25 to lx45 this batch, and the ethernet in the
> bitstream doesn't work because we haven't redone the constraints file yet.
> Different pinout, the circuitry is being constrained to the wrong part of
> the
> FPGA so the traces are too long and the timing's wrong. All the other I/O
> works
> at least at the smoketest level.)
> We have a longish todo list for our next engineering sprint, but haven't
> managed
> to coordinate schedules quite yet. We think we've come up with two small
> extensions to the j-core instruction set that would let us do the fast
> fourier
> transforms needed for realtime GPS acquisition (yay). I should do a
> writeup
> on
> that, but we want to actually implement it first.
> I need to completely redo the website but haven't quite opened that can of
> worms
> yet. Still collecting material, such as the start of a writeup on place and
> route at:
>   https://landley.net/notes-2019.html#11-11-2019
> Activity continues behind the scenes. Juggling a lot of balls...
> Rob
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