[J-core] Adding SH2/SH4 support to LiteX using J-Core?

wjones at wdj-consulting.com wjones at wdj-consulting.com
Wed Feb 8 11:15:41 EST 2017

Hello Jeff,

I committed the repo as-is to Github so when I attempt to build MiSoC/LiteX
designs with J-core I can easily reference the core as a git submodule
(which is how cores are conventionally referenced in MiSoC/LiteX). There
have not been any new commits yet, so you are up to date :).

My proposed changes to the copy of my repo (and *only* if necessary) are
adding the single-cycle multiplier back in (I noticed you said J2 even with
the MAC fits on an ICE408K... that is very interesting!), and tweaking the
bus interface to be wishbone-friendly. Though for the latter, nothing stops
me from doing that on the MiSoC/LiteX side.

Compared to J2 proper, with all the peripherals, are there any architectural
differences besides the lack of single-cycle multiplier? I would like to
keep my repo copy of the core up to date with upstream changes.

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On Feb 7, 2017, at 9:50, <wjones at wdj-consulting.com>
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> Per the conversation on IRC, I have created a github mirror with what
> landley calls the "J1" core: https://github.com/cr1901/jcore-j1

Hi Will,

I checked out a copy of this, and it appears like the changes you've made
were lost along the way.  The sources are identical to a hacked version of
j2 that I provided as a proof of concept for use with NVC.

I'd be very interested in the changes you've made, if you can check them



William D. Jones
wjones at wdj-consulting.com 

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