[J-core] Sadly, the linuxconf.au talk isn't happening.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Jan 4 20:27:57 UTC 2020

On 1/3/20 7:44 AM, Joh-Tob Schäg wrote:
> Hello Rob,
> thank you for the explanation. I would feel the same way.
> There is really no reason to do a video of our talk and do a skype for
> questions with the attendants of this conference.

Eh, I still want to access that audience if we can. And the main reason I go to
conferences like this is to have a _deadline_ to prepare/deliver my talk. (My
todo list runneth over, without externally imposed deadlines this sort of thing
falls through the cracks. I wrote a weekly column back in the dot-com days for 3
years, because deadlines. Since then, not so much...)

> I looked at the
> pricing structure for attendees. They charge people in the "hobbyists"
> tier around 400 $US and even their student pricing is around the
> regular admissions price for 36C3. (36C3 is a day shorter but it
> still) I do not think the visitors are as grass roots as it is made
> out to be.

Oh I totally would have tried to go to 36C3 if it hadn't meant missing christmas
with my family.

> However i am a bit bummed that Jeff replaced a week of community
> outreach with a week of engineering.

We can still do community outreach, and plan to. But it'll be via the internet.

(It was mostly a week of travel. Australia's a long way away, even from Japan
it's like a 10 hour flight each way.)

> A work week for outreach with the existing community would have a huge
> impact.[1]
> I am sure the community here would welcome your presentation video(s)
> instead. Also a Skype/Jitsi/... meetup or Q&A would certainly be
> appreciated by the J-Core community. I think.

We're trying to get a public-facing wiki up. (Not world editable, but something
_we_ can publish a backlog of documentation to. We may still break down and use
https://github.com/j-core/j-core-ice40/wiki and friends, but we'd prefer to host
our own under the j-core.org domain...)

We also need to get the big j2 build up on github, which is a dozen repos that
need to be individually converted, cleaned, uploaded, and synced. (The natural
way to do it is as subrepos under a master repo, and none of the hg->git tools
handle subrepos right so we need to recreate the top repo from hand and convert
the subrepo versions in each commit manually. That's been on the todo list
forever, but it's a prerequisite for getting a turtle bitstream build out...)

Both of those count as "engineering time"...

> Johann-Tobias Schäg
> [1] Back on the envelope calculation: a work week(=40h)/(80+20
> subscribers on the mailing list) = 24 minutes per person. 8h of calls
> every day is nonsense and i am sure not everyone on the mailing list
> wants to be this involved.

I've seen projects that have a weekly conference call or google hangout.


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