[J-core] FYI, Jeff and I get together in Toronto thursday.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Sep 17 17:02:57 EDT 2019

On 9/17/19 10:14 AM, Joh-Tob Sch├Ąg wrote:
> Are there any plans to let the community participate? (Maybe a live
> stream or Q&A in IRC?)

"Plans" is a strong word. One of the first things we're doing is whiteboarding a
large dependency graph of all the todo items and turning it into... hopefully
something less awkward than a Gantt chart. (As monty python said, "I don't like
them, they wet their nests.")

We'd probably do a live video whatis on one of the video sharing services. Maybe
whatever google hangouts is called this week, maybe using that line app, maybe
something else? (Preferably with the ability to record it and fling it on
youtube afterwards.)

Hmmm, in theory google livestreams have an attached chat app we can take
questions from? (I've seen people do that...)

> What are the plans for releasing the results?

Hopefully pretty high? I can edit the website again, just haven't figured out
what I should _do_ about it. It needs a "Why j-core" page, it needs a lattice
VHDL compiler setup similar to the xilinx walkthrough (which also needs to be
updated, we've got it working on the newer generation of xilinx fpgas using
their new toolchain... vivaldi instead of webice? I forget...) We need a proper
VHDL tutorial, and code walkthrough. I still need to port xv6 to j-core (or at
least qemu's sh4 target)...

We need to get the turtle board kickstarter launched (preferably in time to
visit ELC Europe and have boards available to buy while we're there).

Jeff's got a Jduino prototype using ice40, which we can package in a half-dozen
different ways. We should stick the musl-cross-make toolchain into the IDE that
Arduino's using and come up with some tutorials for that. (But that's after Turtle.)

> I get that these ideas come on short notices but i would be great to
> have more J-Core related content you can point people to without
> having to say: "Yeah the website is out of date."

Tell me about it. :)

> Also you getting things done should of-course be a priority on the
> other hand communication with community is a place where there is
> backlog some backlog too.

Oh yeah. But the list is back up, which we've needed for a while.


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