[J-core] FYI, Jeff and I get together in Toronto thursday.

Joh-Tob Sch├Ąg johtobsch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 11:14:03 EDT 2019

Are there any plans to let the community participate? (Maybe a live
stream or Q&A in IRC?)
What are the plans for releasing the results?

I get that these ideas come on short notices but i would be great to
have more J-Core related content you can point people to without
having to say: "Yeah the website is out of date."
Also you getting things done should of-course be a priority on the
other hand communication with community is a place where there is
backlog some backlog too.

On Tue, 17 Sep 2019 at 04:35, Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:
> We should both be in town through October 10th if anybody there wants to say hi.
> We're going to try to deal with a chunk of the todo backlog. :)
> Rob
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