[J-core] Did you notice the github?

Joh-Tob Sch├Ąg johtobsch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 21:16:15 EDT 2019

> Like a laptop.
I do not think 2 J-Cores clocked at 25Mhz is powerful enough to make a
good laptop. Also Laptops have a lot of components which have nothing
to do with the CPU and giant circuit boards. Lot's of overhead.
Even a PDA would need to much unrelated hardware i guess. J-Core is
going to stay in embedded systems or in calculators like Jeff eluded
to with Free42 for some time i speculate.
Making a Gameboy style mobile console might be possible too but we
could run any existing  SEGA games since all the SEGA hardware had
graphics co-processors which seem out of scope for J-Core.

> Does the ICE40 port mean you have an open FPGA compiler working?
Well it depends on what do you mean with compiler.
This git repo has support or GHDL which allows to compile a simulator.
If you want do synthesis (generate bit-stream for hardware) the only
open source tool i know is Yosys and this is currently not supported
(no options in make file). Getting J-Core to run on ICE40 requires
proprietary software for now but we target a platform where it is
possible to have open source tools.

Jeff, Rob correct me if i am wrong.

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