[J-core] My trip to Japan

Joh-Tob Schäg johtobsch at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 21:43:34 UTC 2019

Hello J-Core list,

in the last weeks i made a trip a to Japan. There were two events that
are relevant for this community.

1. Presentation of progress of porting µT-Kernel 2.0 to J2 at TRONSHOW 2019

As you might know i am working on porting a small embedded real time
to J2. I presented my current state at TRONSHOW 2019 on the short
paper track which has some relation to IEEE.
There might also be a recording i can upload/share for those who are
interested but i have not received a copy yet. During the presentation
a smaller audience was present than i expected but i welcome the
question Jeff asked.
The brief summary is: "I misjudged the scope of the project and have
implemented all the peripheral stuff i thought was necessary
originally but have not addressed differences between SH3 and SH2."
I also learned of a new version of the standard called µT-Kernel 3.0
but the changes do not touch the platform depend part from skimming
over the docs.
T-Kernel (a bigger version of the OS with more stuff) might be easily
ported to J32.

2. Supper with Jeff

My girlfriend, me, Geo and Jeff took part in a supper/nomikai(?) on
the 12th December (names from the left in the attached picture). Geo
is part of the Picolisp community and build his own lisp machine in
FPGA using Verilog. He showed interest in J-Core and might even have
already joined the mailing list. I found the conversations very
interesting. Rob did not make it since he was not in Japan at the
time. During the occasion i received a turtle board with some binaries
. I am free to talk about it, so if you have questions ask me. The
FPGA came flashed with a dual core J32. Jeff also showed me how to
reflash the FPGA. It has a dedicated flash mode which can be triggered
at start-up. In the flash mode the board talks over serial and has an
assistant for flashing an image form the µSD card.
The linux build that came with it did not support J32 yet which means
it crashes when mmap is called. (I understood from Robs explanation
that this expected behaviour when running a nommu kernel on a device
with MMU).

Jeff mentioned that a new run of the turtle board (and there by the
crowd funding campaign) is delayed because some of the boards came
back defective and they want to fix this before doing mass production.
I am not sure if they already diagnosed it. If you want to run some
J32 binaries on the turtle or have ideas for experiments please poke
me. I have no J32 source though, so i can't answer questions about

With best regards,
Johann-Tobias Schäg
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