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...just watched "building CPU from scratch" and there's the answer!
i'd love to put a link on my site to the turtle board in the new year 2018, i think it would really help the developers evolve into a larger market (whilst holding back on inflated industrial modernism)  you can reach me at this email, if you have a problem with that....
thankyou for your time
benjamin hayes
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> Hello,
>     I've had an interest in the hitachi chips for years, i had a job as a pub (bar) washer-upper and used the money, (when not getting drunk in my early 20's) on a roland XP60 workstation. Little did i Know on begining to reverse engineer it this year that the chipsets were up for grabs! (i did understand a little about RISK those 21 years ago.) Anyway now i'm a soon to be, development board company, with my own "shape architecture"  / \ I _ (
> called "Realopensource" (first product end of january? 2018)  my point...
> Loved project icestorm, hated fpga companies accountants, Whats abbo linux and the awsome superH risk's sh2 or sh4 capabilities as the Latice ICE-40-HX8K....
> Benjamin Hayes
> REALopensource
> email squirell at protonmail.com
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