[J-core] ice-40?

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Fri Sep 8 09:38:58 EDT 2017

    I've had an interest in the hitachi chips for years, i had a job as a pub (bar) washer-upper and used the money, (when not getting drunk in my early 20's) on a roland XP60 workstation. Little did i Know on begining to reverse engineer it this year that the chipsets were up for grabs! (i did understand a little about RISK those 21 years ago.) Anyway now i'm a soon to be, development board company, with my own "shape architecture"  / \ I _ (
called "Realopensource" (first product end of january? 2018)  my point...
Loved project icestorm, hated fpga companies accountants, Whats abbo linux and the awsome superH risk's sh2 or sh4 capabilities as the Latice ICE-40-HX8K....

Benjamin Hayes
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