[J-core] Sorry for the radio silence.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun May 14 17:43:14 EDT 2017

On 05/14/2017 03:06 PM, Fabjan Sukalia wrote:
> Hi!
> Am 14.05.2017 21:36 schrieb "Rob Landley" <rob at landley.net
> <mailto:rob at landley.net>>:
>     Doing a good hardware instruction set is a significantly harder problem.
>     The main reason we haven't finalized and published our proposed 64-bit
>     instruction set for j-core is until we implement it in hardware (a ways
>     down the todo list) it's subject to change. (Last year Jeff and I
>     printed out the instruction set list and worked out that there _is_
>     enough space to do a 64-bit implementation. I believe Jeff has those
>     pages, but we could do it again if we need to.)
> Is the draft open and maybe also in a Git repository? It would be fine
> if we can review and comment it before the specification is finalised.
> The folks at RISC-V have this open design process and it works good.

Ours is simple enough we haven't really seen the need for bikeshedding,
but I can ask Jeff.


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