[J-core] Adding SH2/SH4 support to LiteX using J-Core?

wjones at wdj-consulting.com wjones at wdj-consulting.com
Mon Feb 6 19:50:30 EST 2017

Per the conversation on IRC, I have created a github mirror with what 
landley calls the "J1" core: https://github.com/cr1901/jcore-j1

The J1, among other small changes compared to J2, does not have a 
single-cycle multiplier. All of the FPGAs HDMI2USB are using have hardware 
multipliers, so I may very well patch the core to create a "CPU-core-only" 
J2 distribution.

I assume J3/J4 would not share the same repo as J2? I think J3/J4 would be a 
separate port to LiteX/MiSoC.

From: Tim Ansell
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 12:14 PM
To: j-core at lists.j-core.org
Cc: Rob Landley ; wjones at wdj-consulting.com
Subject: Adding SH2/SH4 support to LiteX using J-Core?

Hence, I'm really interested in adding "J-Core" / sh2+sh4 support to that 
list and wanted advice about the best way to approach this problem. As we 
already have our own set of peripherals (UART, DDR controller, Ethernet, 
etc) we just want to use the CPU core rather than your full SoC. Do you have 
any advice on the best way to do this? What would be the best way to extract 
"just the CPU"?


William D. Jones
wjones at wdj-consulting.com 

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