[J-core] Upcoming conferences.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Oct 31 04:15:26 EDT 2016

Anybody near any of these, maybe interested in us proposing a talk at one?

SCALE continues to be near Los Angeles:


And this year ELC is in Portland for some reason:


Our next scheduled talk is LCA in January, we should try to get the next
round of stuff released before then. Rich got all the kernel bits
necessary to boot on Numato out of the box into vanilla (woo!), I really
need to update the website instructions on that. There's a 62.5 mhz
speed increase on spartan 6 in our next drop (we've also got it going at
83 mhz on kintex 7 but that's a different manufacturing process, much
more expensive fpga). Rich is most of the way through the VHDL
repository conversion, so we may be able to get that up by January...


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