[J-core] Alas, the 2015 ELC video is gone.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Sep 14 20:07:42 EDT 2019

On 9/14/19 2:00 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> On 9/14/19 4:58 AM, Rob Landley wrote:
>> The Linux Foundation accidentally deleted the account it was on, and Youtube
>> apparently doesn't retain copies when the whole _account_ is deleted:
>>    https://twitter.com/linuxfoundation/status/1172693447196545024
>> This means ALL of the ELC 2015 videos
>> (https://elinux.org/ELC_2015_Presentations) are gone. :(
> They don't keep the local copies from the camera on disk? That's unprofessional.
> Adrian

Don't ask me, I mirror most of my talks at https://landley.net/talks but alas I
hadn't grabbed the 2015 ones. (The youtube downloader wasn't working when I
tried and I forgot to go back for it when they fixed it. Lost my 2015 toybox
update talk too, looks like. Oh well.)

And of course the talk we gave at the Linux Foundation's tokyo conference was
never _recorded_... Sigh. (If I'd known it wouldn't be I could have arranged
something, but no. And Jeff gave a keynote at ELC Europe a couple years back
that wasn't recorded, because they stuck him in the "it's a CEO giving a talk?
Must be a sponsor with zero technical content" track... Alas.)

I have since learned that "there is a conspicuous camera in the room pointed at
us" does not mean "this talk is being recorded". (Ohio Linuxfest somehow used a
video camera to record audio. And Flourish recorded but never posted my 2016
talks there, and went from "oh yeah, we'll do that soon" to not returning email
after about a year and a half...)


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