[J-core] Raise ice40 issues on GitHub or via the mailing list?

Joh-Tob Schäg johtobsch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 00:36:00 UTC 2019


i downloaded the most recent release of the j-core-ice40 repo on GitHub.
It turns out that there are files that are not checked in that are
necessary to execute ghdl.sh and ghdl_up5k.sh.

ghdl.sh throws these errors:
cpu_pure_tb.vhh:104:17:error: no declaration for "dev_ddr"
cpu_pure_tb.vhh:104:16:error: target is not a signal name

and the first one multiple times for different lines

ghdl_up5k.sh lacks a folder/file describing the display controller.
error: cannot open ../disp_drv/disp_drv_pkg.vhd

This causes more errors in things that depend on the content of this file:
ghdl:error: compilation error
cpu_up5k_42s.vhd:9:10:error: unit "disp_drv_pkg" not found in library "work"
cpu_up5k_42s.vhd:31:14:error: entity 'cpu_up5k' was not analysed
ghdl:error: compilation error
error: cannot find entity or configuration up5k_tb
ghdl:error: compilation error

Should issues about the ice40 release be raised on GitHub (to signal
project activity) or on the mailing list?
ghdl_lattice.sh seems to work but i am unsure how to replace the
executed binary. This is however not a priority for me since I have a
dev board.

Johann-Tobias Schäg

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