[J-core] Pondering j-core kickstarter ideas.

Brian Bartholomew bartholomew.brian at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 16 17:09:34 EDT 2017

The kickstarter product I want to both buy, and produce, is a
laptop-type machine designed to eliminate hardware back doors.

There should be a perimeter within which all the persistent storage
can be overwritten.

I'd like two or more systems within the same laptop box, separated by
hard switches, so that one could audit the other.  I'm into Linux
auditing software, see my website.

Laptop box would be a briefcase Zero case with a removable chassis,
because that eliminates the miniaturization requirement.  Screen hinged
to chassis, not mounted to Zero lid.  Twist the Dzus fasteners on the
bottom case half panel rim and pull the whole chassis out of the Zero
intact and running.

Use DeWalt power tool Lithum batteries and charger system, two sockets
so it hot swaps.

This would start out running Linux due to familiarity, then expand
into openbsd.

I'd only be interested in a jcore with virtual memory, because I want

Someone at Southeast Linux Fest pointed out that *ix filesystems are
not robust against the hard drive maliciously changing the blocks it
returns for reads.  He suggested using a filesystem layer that
encrypts blocks before they are handed to the hard disk.

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