[J-core] Port Idea: Little Kernel

Joh-Tob Schäg johtobsch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 11:59:26 EDT 2017

2017-11-04 11:29 GMT+01:00 Ken Phillis Jr <kphillisjr at gmail.com>:

> I know most of the current work is centered around Linux. I believe
> that some users are more interested in a Real Time Operating System
> with a much smaller Code base for expansion.

​I think embedded programming is the target market for license free dirt
cheap CPUs.​

> ​[List of real-time OSes]
​I would like to add the T-Kernel to the list.​

​As it has/had a quiet good SH support (before 2008):

   - Renesas SH2 – SH7619, SH7145, SH7211
   - Renesas SH2A – SH7211
   - Renesas SH3-DSP – SH7727, SH7720
   - Renesas SH4 – SH7751R, SH7760
   - Renesas SH4A – SH7780
   - Renesas SH Mobile – SH7722

Furthermore the documentation about it is written in Japanese und English
which makes it a more interesting OS since there seem to be a lot of
Japanese in contact/involvedwith J-Core. Furhtermore the T-Kernel (or it's
predecessors ITRON, µITRON) have a huge footprint in the japanese market.

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