[J-core] json instructions set

Cedric BAIL cedric.bail at free.fr
Mon Jun 26 20:12:01 EDT 2017


So I have been working on making
http://www.shared-ptr.com/sh_insns.html more usable for developping
new instructions as I think we are taking the road of adding more of
them in the future and we need also an easier way to discuss future
propoal I think.

I have put my work on https://github.com/Bluebugs/sh-insns . It
require to be installed either locally or on a webserver. It doesn't
require any database or anything, it uses client side Javascript for
everything (which make it a bit heavy on your computer, but it isn't
too bad considering the benefit). This new webpage allow for sorting,
filtering and regexp based search on the entire instructions set (and
you can combine this together). The instructions themself are actually
described in a separate JSON file (thus the title of the email) that
would allow pull request discussion for expanding the J-Core
instructions set.

As I know there will be discussion regarding the license, it is
currently under GPLv3, but it can be relicensed to whatever any one
really prefer. I don't think this work is impacted by the original
license of the code that generate
http://www.shared-ptr.com/sh_insns.html (GPLv3 doesn't apply on the
output of the program and you can run that program locally). I have
also not extracted the svg that the original site contain to not be
affected by the GPLv3. So all in all, I think this is fine to be
relicensed (I have checked in the node.js script I have used to
extract the information and I made sure that all manual modification
where visible in the git history).

My hope here would be that the J-Core project accept this as the first
J-Core github project and that we can use this for future discussion
on new instructions. Maybe it could also become a documentation
repository for the J-Core in general (This file only cover
instructions for the  moment and there is clearly more to a CPU than
just its instructions set).

Cedric BAIL

PS: Latency and issue information are made up in the JSON file
regarding J-Core as I am not yet able to decipher the decoder code of
the published J-Core.

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