[J-core] j2 llvm repo?

Visoiu Mistrih Francis thegameg1 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 20:47:04 EST 2017

Hi Rob,

> Has anybody tried https://github.com/thegameg/j2-llvm yet? I'm cloning
> it now but I'm not much of an llvm expert...

I am the author of the j2 experimental llvm backend. Thank you for noticing my

I started working on this as a student research project, and I actually
chose j2 as a target because it seemed to be resurrecting with the
j-core project.

I would say that the backend is **HIGHLY** experimental. I currently
work on it and I actually plan to make a pretty complete toolchain at the end,
by adding support to clang, llvm and lld.

So far, the backend supports basic branching, function calls, stack
management, but still lacks support for complex instructions generated
by LLVM. Basically, code generation is supported through all those

C    ->   IR  ->   .s            ->          .o -> executable ELF
  (clang)   (llvm)    (integrated assembler)   (lld)

It hasn't been tested that much and still remains an educational-purpose

Thank you for your interest,

Francis Visoiu Mistrih
francis at lse.epita.fr

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