[J-core] Talk video.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Jan 21 16:47:14 EST 2017

On 01/20/2017 06:23 PM, BGB wrote:
> On 1/20/2017 3:08 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
>> On 01/19/2017 09:59 PM, BGB wrote:
>>> this is mostly noting how recent-ish I discovered I could do pages on
>>> GitHub, and then as another (semi-successful) test, stuck my newer 3D
>>> engine project in the browser, linked to from here:
>>> https://cr88192.github.io/bgbtech_html/
>> I saw your tweet. I can't get it to run in my android phone (maybe it
>> does and takes forever, I gave it ~5 minutes to show a sign of life) and
>> https pages won't resolve via tethering in tasmania (at the 2g speeds
>> all the https negotiation times out for some reason, I can't access any
>> https page unless I've got wifi, which I don't at the airport).
>> But I look forward to trying it back in Austin.
> yeah. I don't actually have any Android devices sufficient to test it with.
> FWIW: it is an interpreter written in C compiled into JS (via
> Emscripten, which uses ASM.js).

I left it running in another window, came back and it had booted to an
aboriginal linux prompt (I really need to get a first mkroot release
out), and then when I typed "ls -l" and hit enter it typed just "l" and
the newline and then hung eating 100% cpu.

The console stuff isn't working for me. Emulator seems to run the kernel
though. And there's a second test window at the bottom of the screen
that doesn't display whole lines of text (scrolls off the bottom at a
partial line...)

What does lock/hide mouse pointer do?

> as-is, it needs a 256MB heap (a single 256MB JavaScript array), of which
> 128MB is the emulator's DRAM, and the rest is misc stuff (AFAICT,
> Emscripten only supports power-of-2 heap-sizes).
> to run it, the Chrome instance seems to need ~ 400MB.
> for Linux to boot, there is a bit of a delay.
> checking the clock, it is about 48 seconds before the kernel visibly
> boots on my desktop PC (currently using an AMD FX 8350).

This netbook has some kind of windup toy called an AMD C-60. (Apparently
I can get a replacement instance of this model on ebay for $70, although
I'd have to upgrade the ram again.)

> only part of the keyboard works as seemingly only part of the keyboard
> generates key-events inside of a browser window.


> I had considered trying to clone whatever was the de-facto graphics
> hardware for SH, but I wasn't really find anything documented (the
> closest I could find was for the Dreamcast hardware, but wasn't really
> able to find much documentation for it).

We were going to do a simple framebuffer for the turtle HDMI. Jeff knows
the details (and possibly Rich), I don't. (It's whatever the maximum
resolution of the free spec you don't need to license stuff is.)

I have a tab open on the home machine (still at LAX) with the Chaos
Computer Conference talk by the guy who did the HDMI. It's probably

Also, they did one about geting USB running on a microcontroller
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_tdJ9Lu7Zk) and I was talkign to
somebody at LCA who was convinced they could make a spartan 6 do USB2
(not just USB 1.1 with a bridge upshifting to 2) which _might_ have been
the same guy, I'll have to sort through business cards and see who
emails me...

Speaking of which Jeff was talking to somebody about getting Turtle
boards actually manufactured, but I dunno the current status of that,
let alone schedule...


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