[J-core] Debug jump log?

BGB cr88192 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 21:17:38 EST 2017

On 2/25/2017 6:46 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 02/23/2017 09:27 PM, BGB wrote:
>> for now, I am calling this new ISA "BJX1", decided to leave out a more
>> detailed description, as I am not certain anyone here really cares (and
>> probably not directly relevant).
> Sorry, forgot to quote that bit, which was the question I was answering.

possibly, I am doing my own rather than QEMU because:
* don't really want to be stuck with GPL'ed code;
** can come and bite one later if they want to reuse the code for 
something else.
* the code is a bit large / unwieldy / lots of targets / ...;
* IME, it tends to be difficult to build and often has lackluster 
performance on Windows.
** seemingly works really well on Linux, but is more hit-or-miss on Windows.

granted, yes, emulators are like compilers and scripting languages in 
that nearly everyone has their own.

like, one doesn't need something which addresses everything, or for it 
to be unique or original, rather something which is useful for whatever 
is the task at hand.

but, a bigger question is not whether or not something has been done 
before (like, really, what is there that hasn't been done already?...), 
but why or why not a given piece of code can be used for a given purpose.

otherwise, it is like being like asking "why work on SH when there is 
already ARM and x86?..."

this probably wont change the world, but one can be free to do their own 
thing (vs bowing to the authority of the status quo or similar).

which comes to why I decided to split off "BJX1" into its own thing:
it is enough of a jump (from the existing SH ISA), that it would 
probably better be served by being classified as "its own thing" (and 
why I decided to leave out a more detailed description here).

this way, I would leave my existing SH-related efforts to mostly focus 
mostly on the existing ISA.
if I pursue the extended ISA, it would probably be via a fork and its 
own sub-project. (sort of how like x86-64 is often treated as a separate 
ISA from 32-bit x86).

well, at least unless I go and do something altogether different (or if 
getting a job as a machinist or similar proves as too much of a burden 
for my free time, which would be sad, but is still a possible outcome).

or such...

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