[J-core] Our new opensource FPGA board

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Dec 30 19:51:00 EST 2017

On 12/28/2017 02:39 PM, Goran Mahovlić wrote:
> I did not follow up, where can I download newest j-core so we can try to
> put it on our board.
> He told me that he fallowed new HDMI design that should support *HDMI
> Ethernet Channel (HEC)*
> here is 2016 is this newest?
> http://j-core.org/downloads/

This is really a jeff question but the answer is "yes but it shouldn't be".

We've done a lot more work behind the scenes since then, and really need
to do a new tarball release, and that was one of the things I meant to
deal with when we got together in Tokyo over November. But Jen didn't
make it so I got sucked into doing her stuff, which meant several of my
todo items got dropped and that was one of them.

One of the items we _did_ make progress on was Turtle manufacturing. We
have an agreement in princible to produce a production run (although our
partner there wants to rename them) but unfortunately it's not to the
"the check is signed" stage yet.

That said, if you want to port the 2016 source to your board, there are
some porting instructions from around that time in the mailing list
archives, such as:



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