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Cedric BAIL cedric.bail at free.fr
Sat Aug 26 22:00:56 EDT 2017


Kind of hijacking the thread, but there are interesting bit there :-)

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 11:46 PM, Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:
> We _sort_ of have a modular build design that let you treat the SOC as a
> set of discrete components that slot together like legos. Except you
> can't in reality, and the whole thing desperately needs a config system
> (various makefile targets have been implemented by hand; it should be
> automated and selectable), and there's layers of build dependencies you
> have to install depending on what you enable, and we have a whole build
> system revamp we want to do to make the modular build design goal
> _actually_ the case. (Which also helps with the ASIC since that has to
> be validated by the fab in discrete chunks, but that got bumped back by
> ~6 months because we needed to pull the engineers off to do other stuff
> for customers with nearer deadlines first.)

I have, for other project, started to use meson/ninja as a build
system and the result has been really nice and fast. Would
definitively look into that direction for a configuration system, this
may be orthogonal to have a menuconfig kind of interface for the SoC


> Right now, we're trying to ship boards to customers...

Is that the board you were talking about earlier in June that was the
reason for the delay of the turtle ? If so, do you have some updated
deadline for the turtle also ?

Cedric BAIL

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