[J-core] Meetup in San Francisco

BGB cr88192 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 13:14:29 EDT 2016

On 9/18/2016 9:20 AM, D. Jeff Dionne wrote:
> Hi there,
> Would be great to meet.  Looks like the best option might be Thursday evening, I'll try to confirm availability on Monday.
> I will be in Mountain View / Santa Clara area.  If that general area works for everyone maybe somewhere on Castro St, or Murphy Ave?

my case: I am in northern OK (kind of near the Kansas border), which is 
I guess a pretty lame area to be a programmer (or a 
programming/electronics nerd). can't get a job, and most people are like 
"WTF?!" at the notion of programmers existing who aren't part of some 
big corporation somewhere... (or that people can know programming 
without some big fancy degree).

like, asserting that I write code and similar on my free-time as a 
hobby, and that programming doesn't require mountains of money or access 
to specialized facilities, ..., gets a general response of disbelief and 
people thinking I am just making stuff up or something, which gets annoying.

too many people seem to just think of PCs as being boxes for little more 
than running a web-browser and MS Office and similar.

well, apart from the few people who actually understand some of this 

not helped that I don't want to relocate, and have no experience living 
on my own, can't drive, ...
makes the situation seem pretty hopeless at times.

OTOH: I am still left half-wondering if anyone would care if I tried to 
throw together a basic RTOS with SH as a target (although it would be a 
lot of effort, half tempted to try to do a mock up of something sort-of 
like QNX).

partial motivation is partly the levels of pain I need to go through to 
get RT stuff to work sort-of ok on Linux, and things like FreeRTOS 
lacking network and filesystem (and, I have previously implemented a lot 
of the same mechanisms as parts of previous projects).

that and partially related, might consider doing an SH port of my script 
VM, and probably tweak some stuff to hopefully cut down its memory 
footprint somewhat (so it is more viable to use on targets with not a 
whole lot of RAM).

or such...

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