[J-core] Initial emulator source available.

BGB cr88192 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 18:43:15 EDT 2016

On 9/15/2016 4:36 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 09/15/2016 04:03 AM, BGB wrote:
>> So, put up what I have thus far here:
>>      https://github.com/cr88192/bgbtech_shxemu
> You have generated binaries checked into the repository. (Could you at
> least put them in a subdirectory?)
prebuilt binaries are possibly useful as they may potentially save 
needing to recompile them (having the project in a state where 
presumably it works on the dev's machine).

normally binaries are seen as a nicety, given it isn't usually a given 
that other people can get stuff to recompile from source, and might just 
want the convenience of having it come prebuilt (and otherwise one gets 
a lot of "WTF? Where's the EXE?!").

I do have ".gitignore" set to omit the piles of crap Visual Studio likes 
to put in the directories.

> The top level readme doesn't say what to do, there's no readme in the
> source dir, there's no "make help" target, there's a build.sh that looks
> like it builds a test file and doesn't have the executable bit set...

the project is still new and small enough that I didn't feel it really 
needed a Makefile.
had considered writing a Makefile for it, but hadn't done so yet.

but, yeah, could use a readme, this is an oversight...

the binaries are marked executable on my end, but only "btesh2.elf" 
needs to be executable (the others are for SH-2 or SH-4, and so don't 
need to be executable). it may be stale though, as I was mostly working 
on the Windows version ("btesh2.exe"), so may need to be rebuilt (check, 
may also need to disable character echo in the Linux version).

FWIW: on my end, everything is marked executable (due to it being 
located on an NTFS drive), but GIT may not necessarily preserve this.

so, yeah, probably run "build.sh" and do a "chmod +x btesh2.elf" or 

here is an example command-line:
     ./btesh2.elf testkern_sh4.elf -sh4

which, with any luck, should give a basic prompt. this prompt is running 
inside the SH-4 environment (alternatively, it might not do anything, or 
give a disassembly and register dump).

if nothing is given on the command-line, it tries to boot up "vmlinux", 
which still doesn't work.

the testkern directory has "tk_build.sh", which builds the "testkern" 
binary, and "tk_build_sh4.sh" which builds the SH-4 version, these 
assume a cross-compiler toolchain with binaries visible in 
"/opt/cross/bin", so may need tweaking if the cross compilers are 
elsewhere. generally these are run from the testkern directory.

> Not quite sure where to start. Am I missing something obvious?

build.sh should cause the emulator to compile. it is built from a single 
source-file, which includes the other files it needs (it is a "unity 

most target-specific features are controlled internally using #ifdef's.

the emulator is pretty small and self-contained, so there shouldn't 
really be any external dependencies needed (other than needing 
cross-compilers to build the SH parts, and stuff like libc and libm and 

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