[J-core] [Meta] The J-Core mail server seems to be sending bad EHLOs

Robert Ou rqou at robertou.com
Sat Sep 3 05:59:39 EDT 2016


My mail server claims that the J-Core mailing list servers are sending
a EHLO command with an argument of "14-04-02-GM". AFAIK this is not
proper because EHLO should be set to a fully qualified domain name if
one is available (one is obviously available for a publicly-accessible
mailing list server).

Also, the IP address that this mailing list uses to send outgoing mail
fails the "forward-confirmed reverse dns" test, meaning that looking
up the IP address ( back into a hostname
(s72-38-147-104.static.comm.cgocable.net) and then back into an IP
address (you get an NXDOMAIN) does not match the original IP address.

These issues might be related to why this lists' emails seem to be
getting unusually-high spamminess.


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