[J-core] 2 CPU:s or nothing

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Nov 25 18:13:32 EST 2016

On 11/25/2016 01:28 PM, BGB wrote:
> On 11/25/2016 12:04 PM, Daniel V wrote:
>> I'm not saying that this is what to do, I'm saying that it's a thought
>> that may come in handy for building upon a possible future. It would
>> draw people to that platform, instead of away from it, because it does
>> not have any practical applications for them.
> something with both 1 or 2 CPU cores and an MCU could be nice.
> possibly, the MCU's address space and also IO peripherals are exposed as
> a memory-mapped IO device, then the CPU can send a program over to the
> MCU part and let it run, possibly with the MCU being entirely RAM,
> rather than the usual SRAM+Flash (idea being here that the CPU loads a
> program into it on startup).
> maybe also they can...
> possibly...
> possibly...

Feel free to prototype this. We released the code so people can do what
they like with it.

> otherwise, yeah, not been doing much here lately, have been off working
> on other unrelated stuff, mostly on a newer Minecraft-style voxel
> engine. not much directly relevant, but misc stuff:

Good luck?

I've spent weeks on GPS signal decoding, but it's not directly relevant


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