[J-core] Hello world!

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jun 27 17:10:47 EDT 2016

We're not dead, just really busy with unrelated deadlines.

The numato board kernel changes didn't make it upstream this time
because Rich touched code outside of arch/sh and tried to get consensus
from other maintainers. The inevitable massive attack of bikeshedding
was entirely expected. But for those of you using Rich's linux-sh git
tree directly, I'm told he's making good progress on adding DMA support
to drivers, which should make reading/writing sdcards noticeably faster.

The turtle board stuff is on hold until the current round of deadlines
gets dealt with, but the prototypes look good otherwise. (The main
problem is that the raspberry pi people used a nonstandard board
thickness, something like half a milimeter thinner than usual, so the
prototypes we made don't _quite_ fit in all the stock cases. Easy to
fix, just makes the existing ones less portable than we wanted. I've
been dragging mine around in a spare numato cardboard box because the
platic raspberry pi case won't snap closed and I can't pop the sd card
out without taking it out of the case.)

Back to deadlines...


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