[J-core] J-Core: Style Sheet Donation

Santiago Gil santix91 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 21:20:01 EDT 2016

> I assume that <b> becoming <strong> is a similar deprecation?

Right, it's also gone in html5.

> Sorry, I wasn't clear. (I meant I try to use tags that indicate how to
> display, like bold/underline/size, rather than more abstract tags that
> indicate <sarcasm> or <sponsored> where it's not clear to me how that
> should be indicated visually. I think <code> means <monospaced> (which
> used to be <tt> but is now <kbd> apparently?)

Oh, I get it now.

The thing is that now, with style sheets, the idea is to do the
opposite: the html should be all about the content's hierarchy. It's
the css that has the role of determining how it will look when

So <code> only means "this is code", which happens to be assigned the
default of rendering in monospace by browsers.

<kbd> is still valid html5 (because it answers "what is this?") but
<tt> is not ("show this in monospace"--that should be on a style

All these things have the best of intentions, but then the web is full
of pages loaded with javascript where all this purity is trashed. :P

> I've checked in the <code> tags and typo fixes in index.html, working on
> the next batch now. (I'm peeling off some smaller commits before
> changing the headers and introducing the stylesheets.)


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