[J-core] J-Core: Style Sheet Donation

Santiago Gil santix91 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 15:39:36 EDT 2016

Hi Rob.

> +    <h1 id="06-02-2016"><a href="#06-02-2016">April 2, 2016</a></h1>
> -<h1><a name="06-02-2016" /><a href="#06-02-2016">April 2, 2016</a></h1>
> Huh. I didn't know putting id= on an h1 tag was an option that #anchor
> navigation would work with. (I have an old python script that expects
> the older format to make an rss feed from header lines formatted that
> way, but it should be easy enough to fix up.)
Yep, sorry about that. I changed that because in html5 the 'name'
attribute is deprecated.

> You added <code> tags. I personally avoid "semantic" tags that don't
> have a clear descriptive meaning (bad experiences with docbook), but
> I'll bow to your judgement here. :)
Why do you say it doesn't have a clear descriptive meaning? It's being
used in the proper context: for displaying code. (An alternative to
that would be to define a css class and wrap the code in 'div' tags,
but generates more typing than opening and closing 'code' tags, and
seems more of an ad-hoc solution).

> +    the <a
> href="http%3A%2F%2Flandley.net%2Fqemu%2F2008-01-15.html%23Jan_17%2C_2008_-_%5BPATCH_0_5%5D_Enable_building_of_op.o_on_gcc4">problems
> with that approach</a>
> Possibly slightly overzealous escaping? :)
Yeah, I over-escaped it (no character ran away :P). I think the only
problematic characters were a pair of square brackets, though.

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