[J-core] J-Core Members in Japan

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jul 18 18:28:02 EDT 2016

On 07/18/2016 05:25 AM, 帝都 久利寿 wrote:
> Hello J-Core,
> I am currently located in Japan and would like to meet-up with others
> who are in Japan.
> Please advise on whom I should meet.

The main company doing most of the heavy lifting on J-core development
is se-instruments.com (which theoretically stands for "Solar Energy
Instruments"). We make better Synchrophasors, which there's a wikipedia
page on if you're curious:


Our contact page has the address and phone number of the Tokyo office:


Which is a tiny little place in Akihabra around the corner from a cat
cafe. Niishi-san and Arikawa-san work there, and Jeff and Jen are there
about half the time (and traveling the globe the other half). You'd want
to make an appointment rather than just showing up because you need a
key to get into the building and we're on the 2nd and 3rd floors so it
wouldn't help to knock.

We've invited Sato-san (the linux kernel arch/sh co-maintainer) over a
few times, he works for a different company but lives reasonably nearby
in Tokyo, and did the original sh2 port to linux a decade ago. We gave
him the first Turtle board that went to anybody outside the company. :)

We've also given a couple talks at the Linux Jamboree (video linked from
http://j-core.org/talks) where we gave out a dozen Numato boards at a
tutorial session, so many of those attendees at least have the hardware
to play with it. That's at something called the "Nakano SunPlaza", which
was around a 20 minute train ride from the office. I believe Geoff
Salmon is on the second of those videos giving part of the tutorial.
(Geoff and Martin were visiting Tokyo the same time I was.)

I've visited the Japan office four times but am usually in Austin Texas.
Geoff is in Canada, Rich is in Virginia (USA)... We're scattered all
over the place. We got everyone together in one place for a couple days
here in Austin last month, but were overscheduled and didn't get through
half what we wanted to...


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