[J-core] We had a meetup!

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Dec 5 02:34:32 EST 2016

[I would appear to have had this email open on my desktop for days! I
really suck at this. I may also have too many open windows.]

7 people showed up at the restaurant in Silicon Valley and we hung out
for about 3 hours. Me, Jeff, and Jen from SEI, and we also had Cedric,
Richard, Jen, and... Susan I think? (Alas I did not write down names.)

Much guacamole was had by all. We demoed synchrophasors, talked about
design choices, showed all 3 kinds of currently active j-core boards
(numato, turtle, and our EVB; the avnet boards are historical at the
moment although Rich (not attending, he's on the east coast) was looking
into getting current bitstreams built for that.)

Next time we hope to give everybody a lot more warning. :)


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