[J-core] How crazy would a nommu debian port be?

Brian Bartholomew bartholomew.brian at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 18:35:53 EDT 2016

> I'm just wondering how much interest there would be out there for
> something like that. The numato board only has 64M ram and nommu
> means no swap. I'm not sure how interesting modern debian is to run
> there?

If you build it, I will demonstrate it in my hackerspace.  Getting X11
up on the VGA connector and ethernet up on the Numato extension board
would be a more visually compelling demonstration, even though I
expect X11 performance is not going to be useful.

As someone here pointed out, emacs needs an mmu.  But, I assume (?) a
distribution build system that will build for J2 will also do J3, so
the distribution compile time is lost but the build system is reused.

Another member of my hackerspace and I are designing an FPGA laptop.
Goals are that the hardware does not have backdoors, to experiment
with CPU design, and to expand our skills and resume.  The FPGA, PCB
design, and signal integrity aspects are new for both of us.  The
sysadmin aspects are not new for me.  I expect there to be several
versions of this, each one moving more functions into the FPGA.  The
first one may use the hard memory controllers on the FPGA.
Miniaturizing power consumption or enclosure size are not goals.


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