[J-core] Linux on J1?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Aug 1 16:51:19 EDT 2016

What would it take to build a J1 processor running Linux?

What I mean by that is, presumably starting with:


1) Take the stripped down "should fit in ice-40 if the toolchain works"
config and build it for spartan 6 with the existing xilinx toolchain.

2) Add the DRAM controller back.

3) Audit the instruction set and decide what we want to keep/drop. Do we
want a microcoded multiplier, or have libgcc.a do it? We talked about
this a few times:


4) Tweak gcc/binutils to add a target to produce the right instructions.

5) Tweak the kernel assembly.

6) Boot Linux on a Numato board with J1.

Now here's the really funky question: If we just use prefetch instead of
icache/dcache, could we SMP J1 on Numato? (And/or fit in one instance of
the DSP?)


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